Light on the eve of the election

This city, its lights, its light, it’s glowing

Red and blue and green and orange

But tonight, it glows a simple white

My eyes refuse to distinguish any colour tonight

I see all people in every face in my memory.

Somehow, antis and pros and isms and ists coexist, here

Somehow, the iron lady will walk the same street

As a woman who has never shown her face, here

If you squint, you can see their figures melt together

Two women, women similar in beauty.

If you are a lover of the light, it is impossible

To choose a favourite colour.  I wish we could run

A scientific experiment to remove one colour

From pure light.  I’d put money on the beauty

Of the one with the most colours.


Don’t get me wrong.  I can see redder than anyone.

I care about politics, about policy, about police and polarities.

On the street we speak and suffer

Lesbians kiss and are kicked out of public establishments

Immigrants are unemployed because of color or name

The tongue each person clings to like a child

To a mother, is threatened by others’ mothers.

These things live in the gut, in experience, in pain and fear.

And that’s just here at home.

Tonight I hold my privilege for just an hour

I am looking over my city, from a high vantage point

I feel love for each human that makes the city so.

The light, the colour behind each person’s eyes takes my breath away.

May I find myself in love with this lit city, just for a moment?


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